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Thomas Allen Pauly

Equestrian Artist , Three Oaks Creative Entrepreneur

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"My paintings capture the beauty and intensity of international horse racing, a sport that combines grace, speed, and power. Through bold brushstrokes and vibrant colors, I aim to convey the energy and excitement of the horses as they race towards the finish line, their muscles rippling and manes flying. With each stroke of the brush, I seek to capture the dynamic form of these magnificent animals and the thrill of the competition that surrounds them."

Since 1978, award-winning equine artist Thomas Allen Pauly has portrayed some of the finest horses and jockeys in the country. Born and raised in Chicago, his love of the sport emerged in the Sportsman's Park's winner circle when his friend's horse named Rusty Win captured the feature race by five lengths. He was hooked.

Pauly now travels extensively throughout the world to photograph his subjects in their natural settings. It has rewarded him with priceless reference material to produce paintings from the Royal Ascot, the Hong Kong Cup, the Arc de Triomphe, the Dubai World Cup, the Velka Pardubicka Ceske Pojistovny Steeplechase in Prague and numerous Breeders' Cups, Preaknesses, Belmonts and Kentucky Derbies.

In 2010 & 2011, Churchill Downs & The Game invited Pauly to have a solo art exhibit during the Kentucky Derby and Oaks. Also, his artwork appeared on the hit reality show Undercover Boss which featured the COO of Churchill Downs Bill Carstenjen. He was selected as the Official Artist of the 2011 Iroquois Steeplechase. Recently, Pauly's 5' x 12' triptych was featured in the National Art Museum of Sport's "Speed and Motion; Racing to the Finish Line" exhibit.

His artwork has appeared on the covers of many international equine publications. Pauly was commissioned by the Blood-Horse to illustrate a piece for their Arlington Park Breeders' Cup Magazine. He is a frequent contributor to numerous racing charities and organizations and is an avid supporter of The Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund (PDJF). Pauly attended the prestigious American Academy of Art and has studied with equestrian artists Sam Savitt, Else Tuckerman, Larry Wheeler and portrait artist Julian Gilbert.

In 2009, he was honored as an associate member of the world renown American Academy of Equine Art. He is also a member of the acclaimed International Equine Artists Group. Working primarily in oils and watercolors, Pauly's portraits are known for their accuracy, their energy, their sentiment and their celebration of achievement.

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